Privacy Policy English | Deutsch With this disclaimer, the owner of this website (see contact details below) informs the user of this site about the extent to which personal data is captured while browsing through the site. The personal data referred to here, does not have to do with the rightfulness of Street Photography nor the personal rights of photographed persons. Note that all means of communication on the Internet are assigned so-called „IP addresses“, without any action on the part of this website’s operator; these are long sequences of numbers that make the exchange of data technically possible in the first place. According to a ruling from the Federal Court of Justice (BGH), IP addresses are regarded as personal data because they can potentially be linked back to the respective user. — However, the operator of this website cannot establish such a connection between an IP address and a specific person. It’s not even something we want to do, because data protection and ensuring that people can visit our website anonymously, as far as is possible, are very important matters to us! Only general information about access is collected by our web hosting partners/servers (servers are located in Germany). When visiting our website, the browser used on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone) automatically sends information to the server of our website. This information is temporarily stored in „log files“. Here, the following information is collected and stored, without any action on your part, until it is automatically deleted: IP address of the requesting device, date and time of access, name and address (URL) of the accessed file, website from which our site was accessed (referrer URL), browser type and browser version, screen resolution of your device, and operating system used (e.g. Windows), as well as the name of your access provider, i.e. the provider you use to surf online. The evaluation of this data in the form of anonymous statistics is used to technically analyse and optimise our website, which constitutes a „legitimate interest“ on our part. Personal user profiles are not created here. The legal basis for processing this data is Art. 6 Par. 1 letter f of the GDPR. In principle, data shall not be passed on to third parties, neither by the web hosting partner nor by the operator of this website, unless a court ruling says otherwise in a specific case. Data shall never be disclosed for commercial or private purposes. We do not use any plug-ins from Facebook, Twitter, or other so-called „social networks“, and we also do not embed any YouTube videos or map functions such as „Google Maps“, meaning that the providers of these platforms do not get automated access to usage data from our web pages. We do not use any analysis systems such as „Google Analytics“ and do not use „cookies“. Parts of our website use so-called Web Fonts from Google. This can inform Google that our website has been accessed via your IP address. Web Fonts are used to make our website more attractive to visitors. This constitutes a legitimate interest, as set out in Art. 6 Par. 1 letter f of the GDPR. We have designed our website — in your interest — according to the principle of data minimisation. You have the right to ask at any time whether and which data we have stored about you, and you can under circumstances (e.g. if statutory retention periods do not prevent this) request that this information be blocked, deleted, or corrected. In principle, you also have the right to file a complaint with the responsible regulatory authority. You can contact us by email irrespective of your use of our website. Any personal data that you communicate to us voluntarily by e-mail will not be passed on to third parties. (Please note that data transmission by e-mail may be subject to security breaches.) This data privacy statement only applies to pages on our own website. If you follow our links to other providers and visit their sites, then their data privacy statements, which may differ from ours in many respects, shall apply. Aside from the IP address, we only collect access data that is not personally identifiable. However, this specifically does NOT apply when visiting Facebook pages (linked here). Quite the opposite: when you visit a Facebook page, Facebook could possibly be informed that you are visiting or have visited our site with your IP address, and they can associate this with you and your Facebook user account, if you have such an account and are currently logged in to it. Annette Fleck Im Wingert 9 53604 Bad Honnef Germany Tel. +49 176 388 52 686 | Contact | Privacy Policy