Contact Annette Fleck Im Wingert 9 53604 Bad Honnef Germany Tel. +49 176 388 52 686 My Photos English | Deutsch All photos showcased on this website were taken by Annette Fleck. All rights to these photos are reserved exclusively to the photographer. Nowhere on this website have photos been published intentionally, if the recognizable individuals in these photos were opposed to being photographed or would object to the manner in which they were characterized in these shots. Should you find yourself on one of the published photos on this website and prefer to not be featured in this way, kindly do contact Annette Fleck and we shall remove the relevant photos immediately. About Me Annette Fleck I’m Annette Fleck — a German photographer who has lived abroad for many years. Photography is my great passion and it has accompanied me throughout my life. It has become a way for me to capture natural and human beauty and to understand and explore the lives of people around me. It all started at the age of 13 when my father bought me my own camera. I tried to follow in his footsteps by taking family photos and documenting our holidays. It was not long however, until I realized that photography was far more to me than ‘documentation’. The photos that I took somehow made me think differently about the objects that I had captured. They revealed well-hidden character traits and even allowed me to manipulate and create unique scenarios and express atmosphere and spirituality. With the desire to share my passion for photography with others, I joined a photo club in Zagreb Croatia, called Zagi Foto. This is where I started engage more closely with street photography. Strolling around the city was like being on a treasure hunt. At any point, in any location a unique constellation of people and light could allow for the most expressive of photographs. Based on my walks through the city of Zagreb I held my first exhibition in 2001. By the time I moved to Jerusalem in 2005, I looked back on several exhibitions and several published photos in Croatian magazines. While, I continued with street photography in Jerusalem, the themes which characterized daily life in Zagreb were completely different from those which I found in the holy city. Themes of religiosity, political conflict and cultural diversity shaped the everyday scene of Jerusalem. It was only after familiarizing myself with the city and its incredible dynamics was I able to spot and capture those moments which really characterized the city and those which revealed its inherent paradoxes. My gallery of street photography grew every day. There are only few neighborhoods in Jerusalem which I did not explore in my travels through this mystical place. Despite the diversity of images which I produced, I could not help but feel that there still was a single ‘pulse of the city’. The diversity could be reduced to and was held together by a theme of common humanity. While I initially had attempted to capture the heterogeneity of Jerusalem, I increasingly found myself seeking to capture the contrary, the humanity, the similarity in difference. Black and white photography increasingly influenced my photographic style and featured greatly in my exhibitions in Jerusalem, Germany and Croatia. Having relocated to Istanbul in 2012, I find myself caught between Orient and Occident. My immediate, polarized surrounding is inspiring and perplexing at once. With my photos I am hoping to reproduce and document the unique present socio-political developments within Turkey.